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September 1st 2021

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APIMONDIA INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON CURRENT TRENDS IN BEEKEEPING (September 1st 2021, EA) The Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation and president of the Organizing Committee of the 47th Congress of Apimondia in Ufa, Russia 2022, Dmitry Patrushev and other local authorities, together with the President of Apimondia Jeff Pettis and other authorities of the Beekeeping Federation, they will inaugurate this two-day International Symposium on Global Trends in Beekeeping which will be held remotely on September 20.

The symposium commemorates the 37th Apimondia Congress that took place in Moscow 50 years ago.

Videos about beekeeping in Russia, the promotion of Bashkortostan (It is the Republic in which the Congress will take place) and Beekeeping, the presentation of technical tours and the Ishimbasky district in Bashkortostan will be shared on the first day.

Also, within the framework of this launch of the 47th Apimondia Congress in Ufa, this first day of the symposium will be enriched with the highlighting of the trends on Beekeeping Economics, Bee Biology and Health, with a suggestive intervention on the "Genetic Pool of the dark bee of the Russian forest". This section closes with a panel on the Current Challenges in the World Beekeeping Economy and the Ways to Overcome them, led by the General Secretary of Apimondia Riccardo Jannoni-Sebastianini and the presentation of the presidents of the different Apimondia commissions.

For September 21st, the symposium will focus on highlighting current trends in Beekeeping for Rural Development, Beekeeping Technology, Quality and Pollination, closing the day with Apitherapy, always with a strong presence of local speakers. Jeff Pettis current Apimondia presidente will close the symposium beside the President of the National Union of Beekeepers of Russia Arnold Butov and the Executive Secretary of the 47th Apimondia Congress Ilshat Tazhitdinov, also belonging to the staff of the Government of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

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