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October 21st., 2020

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(, USA, October 20, 2020) With CROPSHIELD technology Bayer is launching Roundup PowerMAX 3 herbicide - a new formulation within the Roundup brand of agricultural herbicides. The latest formulation contains a new proprietary surfactant blend with high-performing weed control, say Bayer officials. Over a three-year launch, this new crop protection product will be introduced initially in the Southeastern states in year one, with plans of expansion throughout the United States in years two and three.

Compared to generic herbicide products on the market, as well as the 45-year history of current Roundup brand agricultural herbicides, the new formulation has the highest concentration of glyphosate on the U.S. market, say Bayer officials. This highly concentrated product enables growers to spray more acres with less product, which allows for less packaging and bulk trucks on the road, say Bayer officials.

Roundup PowerMAX 3 introduces a new proprietary surfactant blend. This exclusive surfactant enables fast absorption and provides growers with more consistent control over weeds by allowing translocation throughout the plant, including the root system.

"Roundup PowerMAX 3 brings a new level of innovation into the long history and success of Roundup brand agricultural herbicides." said Matt Muckerman, North American glyphosate portfolio lead, in a Bayer press release. "Bayer is excited to bring a high-quality, reliable performance through our branded glyphosate crop protection products."

Bayer's proprietary CROPSHIELD technology provides high levels of crop safety on glyphosate tolerant crops, say Bayer officials.

Roundup PowerMAX 3 has already sold over 500,000 gallons in its initial launch, with the first delivery of the new formulation completed at Nutrien AG Solutions in Guntown, Mississippi, say Bayer officials.

Roundup brand agricultural herbicides are the only glyphosate products included in Bayer PLUS Rewards - a broad portfolio of products designed to provide growers with flexibility and rewards on eligible purchases all season long, say Bayer officials. Original source Successful Farming Staff,

(Espacio Apícola comment, Córdoba, Argentina, October 21st. 2020) In addition to the massive extermination of biodiversity, the damage to human health and the teratogenic effects demonstrated in countless cases that the courts recently sanctioned against the German company, glyphosate also interferes with the development of honey bee larvae and gut bacteria of bees weakening their immune system, among other damages. Will the synergy of a new and more powerful surfactant and the higher concentration of glyphosate be less harmful to the bees?

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