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June 6th, 2022

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(Espacio Apícola, June 6th, 2022) Last Friday, June 3rd, the United States International Trade Commission published in the Federal Register of the United States its Determination regarding the Investigation against alleged dumping of Raw Honey from Argentina, Brazil, India and Viet Nam, stating as follows: "On the basis of the record developed in the subject investigations, the United States International Trade Commission ("Commission") determines, pursuant to the Tariff Act of 1930 ("the Act"), that an industry by reason of imports of raw honey from Argentina, Brazil, India and Vietnam, provided for in subheading 0409.00.00 of the United States, that have been found by the U.S. Department of Commerce ("Commerce") to be sold in the United States at less than fair value ("LTFV").

In the publication signed by Lisa Barton, Secretary of the Commission, points out that: "The Commission made these determinations pursuant to ¶735(b) of the Act (19 U.S.C. 1673d(b)). It completed and filed its determinations in these investigations on May 27, 2022". The views of the Commission are contained in USITC Publication 5327 (May 2022), entitled Raw Honey from Argentina, Brazil, India, and Vietnam: Investigation Nos. 731-TA-1560-1562 and 1564 (Final)."

In addition to the above, in the reference publication the ITC expresses its negative position regarding the application of Critical Circumstances against honey from Argentina, for which the respective retroactive deposits that the buyers had to make should be reimbursed to them. Also, although the Commission reaffirmed these same Critical Circumstances against honey from Viet Nam, one of its commissioners, David Johanson, was against this decision.

Based on the foregoing, from now on the tariffs determined by the DOC will be confirmed (see previous publications). It is estimated that Argentine companies interested in reducing these tariffs will have their opportunity to submit new supporting documentation to these organizations in 2024.

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