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June 21st, 2021

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ANUGA 2021(Espacio Apícola, June 21st, 2021)"The preparations for Anuga 2021 are running at full speed." Said Ms Stefanie Mauritz, Koelnmesse director. "The current developments give us reason to be very positive. The first model regions are opening up in Germany, the lockdowns are being reversed in many European countries, major events and re-starts of trade fairs are currently being planned. We are recording very good registration figures: Exhibitors from over 94 countries have already registered for Anuga."

Situation is very particular for the honey market in its current international circumstances. On the one hand, the advancement of international regulations in order to avoid fraud that restricts the product supply from those most suspected countries. On the other, the virtual closure of the United States that has initiated an investigation promoting anti-dumping actions against the five main honey suppliers of that country, involving 90% of its honey imports, just over 200 thousand tons of honey in standby, and also awakening quality alerts by the FDA of honeys with residues of non safe drugs imported from countries non subject of the demand as Pakistan.

"It is also possible to take part in Anuga easily without visiting Cologne: In 2021 Anuga is going hybrid -Stefanie said-. The physical trade fair in Cologne is taking place from 09. to 13.10.2021, the digital event Anuga @home live from 11. to 13.10.2021 and subsequently on-demand. Of course, the safety of all participants takes top priority at the physical trade fair. Our extensive hygiene concept #B-SAFE4business guarantees this."

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