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December 11th, 2021

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(Espacio Apícola, December 11th, 2021) The US Department of Commerce (DOC) regulated the Preliminary Determination of Critical Circumstances in the case of honeys imported from Argentina. The notification was finally published on December 8th. None of the other four countries investigated have been sanctioned with this measure.

Based on the fact that the DOC determined that there are "critical circumstances" in the importation of honey from Argentina, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) shall suspend liquidation of all appropriate entries of raw honey from Argentina that are entered, or withdrawn from warehouse, for consumption on or after 08/25/2021, which are 90 days before the date of publication of the Preliminary Determination of dumping in the Federal Register, which corresponds to the maximum period of retroactivity with which this sanction can be applied within the framework of the legislation of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and that in the header of the initial communication had been wrongly dated. To settle the honeys from Argentina entered or withdrawn from deposit for consumption, as of August 25th of this year, CBP will require a cash deposit according to the following determined dumping margins:
Honey Provider Deposit Percentage
Asociación de Cooperativas Argentinas Ltda. 24.28%
Industrial Haedo 49.44%
Compañía Inversora Platense S.A. 49.44%
Other companies present on the demand 16.06%

For its part, the DOC found that there were no critical circumstances in the case of the recent importation of honeys from Argentina provided by NEXCO SA, so the cash deposit for honeys provided from Argentina by this company runs from November 23rd, which is the date of publication of the Preliminary Determination of Dumping in the Federal Register and, in this case, the corresponding amount is equivalent to 7.84%, which is the margin of dumping determined for NEXCO SA.

Merchandise from companies not included in the original list of the investigation, other than the four on which a specific tariff was determined and "the others", if the company does not have an assigned percentage but the producer does, it will be deposited according to the percentage that the producer would pay. If neither of the two has a certain percentage, the 16.06% corresponding to "the other" companies must be deposited.

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