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May 13th, 2023

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(Espacio Apícola, May 13th 2023) All registered amateur or professional beekeepers in the 48th Apimondia International Beekeeping Congress can participate in the International Honey Contest of the Congress to be held in Espacio Riesco, Santiago de Chile. Honey from packagers will not be accepted.

Samples must be submitted before July 31, 2023.

This year we will only proceed with raw honey, extracted from honeycombs, decanted and strained, without any other type of process. Samples should NOT be heated so that their invertase levels do not decrease.

Everything must be clearly specified in the registration form and in some cases confirmed with laboratory analysis, particularly for monofloral honeys or specific honeydew.

Liquid honey (without signs of crystallization), crystallized and honeycomb will be received.

The samples must meet the requirements of the CODEX for honey, its rules and official legislation. ATTENTION: It is forbidden to introduce honey in Chile, neither beekeeping biological product from beeswax to drone semen, then it is an essential condition to process the proper authorization before the SAG (Chilean Health Authority) through Rockit Global which is the official cargo agent of the organization of the congress and who processes the authorizations for the participants of the contests. The authorization must be added to the shipping documents and preferably attached to the same package as the samples to be sent.

The complete traceability of the samples must be presented and if they constitute a blend it is necessary to declare the number of beekeepers involved and the geographical location. Blends made up of samples from different countries are not accepted.

The samples must be presented in colorless, smooth and completely translucent containers, made of glass or plastic.
The registration cost for each honey sample presented, without considering taxes, freight or authorizations, is 60 USD (sixty US dollars).

All the information, the rules and the language of the contest is English and the honey description forms must be completed in English.

Read all the rules and regulations here

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